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Special sensory visit

We’ll explore the fascinating world of the Roman villa and its rooms through the 5 senses. Smooth like the tiles of a mosaic, quiet as a panther, and sweet as honey… a visit to the Villa becomes an all new adventure just waiting to be discovered!

Target audience: pre-school, primary school
Age 3-7 years
Duration 1 hour
Cost flat rate 80 € per class, admission included


Every workshop proposal includes a visit to the Villa.

Primary school 2nd cycle and lower secondary school (1st class) / THE VILLA IN A BOX

A miniature Roman villa inside a special box? After having learned about all the rooms at the archaeological site in Spello, as well as their various functions, we’ll transform a box into your own ancient villa by dividing up the spaces, building the furnishings, and decorating it with mosaics and wall paintings.

Duration 2,5 hours
Cost flat rate 140 € per class, admission included


Every workshop proposal includes a visit to the Villa.

Primary school 2nd cycle and lower secondary school / THE MOSAIC

We’ll examine the large mosaics at Spello's Villa of Mosaics, and will experiment with each phase of the ancient execution technique in that workshop: tracing the design, positioning the tiles and, let’s not forget... a dash of creativity!

Duration 2.5 hours
Cost flat rate 200 € per class, admission included

Primary school 2nd cycle and lower secondary school / EMBOSSING

Armour, jewellery and imperial seals were important elements of people’s lives in Roman times. After having learned about their customs and traditions through the ancient technique of metal embossing, we’ll forge our own ancient artefact.

Duration 2,5 hours
Cost flat rate 140 € per class, admission included



A travelling tour

A visit to the Roman villa, complete with multimedia educational equipment*, serves as the starting point for a journey dedicated to the discovery the ancient Hispellum’s archaeological remains, including the majestic Porta Venere and the spectacular Propertius Towers.
The duration and content of the visit is structured based on the age of the participants.

*temporarily not available due to Covid emergency

Target audience: primary school, and lower and upper secondary school
Age 6-19 years
Duration 2,5 hours
Cost flat rate 115 € per class, admission included



Interactive tour

Discover the monumental ruins of the ancient Spello, as Spello's Villa of Mosaics and Propertius Tower, through a special archaeological hunt, equipped with maps and power of observation.


Target audience: primary school
Age 8-11 years
Duration 2,5 hours
Cost flat rate 100 € per class, admission included



From land lines, call Toll-Free 800 96 1993
From mobile phones, call 0744.422848
(Monday through Friday  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., holidays excluded)

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