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22-23 June 2019

Special Infiorate of Spello 22-23 June 2019


23 March 2019

The wonder of Spello's Villa of Mosaics narrated by Valerio Massimo Manfredi on the occasion of the first year from the opening of the museum.

24 February 2019

Spello's Villa of Mosaics at TourismA 2019, the International exhibition of archaeology,  the Congress Center of Florence.

14 and 16 February 2019

A romantic guided tour with drink into the rooms through 2000 years old rooms.

1 ticket x 2

09 February 2019

An all female quartet of four cellos for Music in Villa with ViolonCELLE

29 December 2018

Made in Christmas is our gift for you!

A special trekking among art masterpieces, music and theatre perfomance

Church of Sant'Andrea, Pinacoteca Civica, Spello's Villa of Mosaics

23 September 2018

An afternoon snack at the museum. Bread & Honey and old fables

on the occasion of European Heritage Days 2018.

For kids of all ages.

From 22nd to 25th August 2018

Four days of rituals, food and culture; immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the glorious past of Spello.

Discover the appointments at Spello’s Villa of Mosaics.

02 aug 2018.

During Show Nazionale DJ, special opening of Spello's Villa of Mosaics

h21 Speciale Linea Diretta guided visit

2-3 June 2018

Live with us the long night of flowers! During the Infiorate of Spello, discover the town with guided tour to the floral carpets.

Special opening of the museum on 2nd-3rd June.

19 May 2018

Special opening of Spello's Villa of Mosaics at 9.00 pm - 12 am.

At 10 pm guided tour from Spello's Villa of Mosaics to the Propertius Towers (advance booking required).

18 minutes of  curiosities

Every day during the opening times of the museum, guided tours at 12 pm and 4 pm to discover the life of a Roman citizen, inside the amazing Spello's Villa of Mosaics.

24 March 2018

10 years of research, ten stunning mosaics, one cultural heritage. Saturday 24 March will be a special day for the town of Spello...