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Contemporary architecture,
nature and archaeology

The magnificence of Spello's Villa of Mosaics begins from the outside, with a modern architectural structure that goes perfectly with the history and the surrounding landscape.

The museum features dedicated pathways to allow guests to visit the rooms of the Villa, as well as a multimedia/educational room, and an information point.

The architectural design was based on the idea of extending the neighbouring vineyard over top of the Villa, raising it gently in some parts in order to create “glimpses” of the town itself.

"In a certain manner, the medieval surface of the countryside is rerouted over the Villa, where it had been for so many centuries, but the beauty of the mosaics raises it in some of its parts, while at the same time maintaining its harmony with the shapes and characteristics of the Umbrian landscape."

The designer, Alfio Barabani

The walls of the building, which are covered with copper and pigmented concrete, reproduce the same colour tones as the town’s historic stone walls. The laminated wood roof has the outline of three waves with a staggered pattern and a grass lawn.

The protagonists of the structure are the Villa itself, with its extraordinary mosaics, and the town of Spello, which overlooks it from the front.