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Discover the Splendidissima
Colonia Iulia

Declatres as the "Splendidissima Colonia Iulia” by Caesar himself, Spello remains one of the most beautiful ancient towns in all of Italy to this day. A village of art and flowers that sits perched on the foothills of mount Subasio, between the towns of Foligno and Perugia.

Towers and steeples reach towards the sky, and nature explodes all around it.

Spello never ceases to enchant visitors with the pink stone nuances of its steep narrow roadways, arches, hidden squares, terraces, towers, and stairways. The extraordinary surrounding landscape can be admired by climbing the spiral staircases of the Propertius Towers, and Porta Venere. You’ll enjoy a one of a kind panoramic view of the valley below, which will leave you breathless.

There are numerous priceless gems hidden among the alleyways and squares, like the magnificent Baglioni Chapel, with its frescoes by Pinturicchio, the Church of Sant'Andrea, the Tega Chapel, the Art Gallery, the ancient town gates, and many other churches.


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