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From carpets of stone
to carpets of flowers

Spello's wonderful Infiorate Flower Arrangements are an explosion of colours. Each year in Spello, about 1500 metres of floral carpets and pictures inspired by religious themes are realised throughout the streets and squares to mark Corpus Christi. The Infiorate Flower Arrangements are gorgeous floral creations made by real artists who design and prepare them for months using plant elements only. It's a task that requires much patience, and many people. The flower arrangers work on the roads throughout the night, designing and arranging millions of petals in order to create these magical and meaningful masterpieces. Everything is ready at 9:00 a.m., and it's a unique spectacle to behold: a beautiful procession atop a carpet of flowers.

Spello's artistic Infiorate Flower Arrangements date back to the early 1900s, thanks to the initiative of a woman who, around the year 1930, designed a simple floral figure on the road with brooms and fennel, which was immediately praised and imitated by the town's inhabitants. Year after year, these works have become increasingly large and ornate, to the point that they have become a true art form.

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